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About Us

From Food Students to Food Heroes

Our international team was formed during our Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Food Innovation & Product Design, and worked together on several research projects before founding FoPo. Not only can we work efficiently after knowing each other for over 3 years, but our experience covers the most important aspects of the business: business management & development experience (Gerald has already ran 2 food businesses in Philippines), technical sales (Lizzie has 7 years of sales & distribution experience in a food ingredients company), operations and consumer insight (Ada’s experience in international import business and market research), engineering & design (Kent did a fabulous beverage design for Swedish market), and R&D (Vita’s 7 years of research & management experience in 7 countries).

FoPo Heroes

With this big mission, we learned that to scale up faster, we need to expand our team. That’s why we recruited new food heroes this year! We now have Isabella as our Philippine operations manager, Tom as the Swiss operations manager, Anna Kim as our business development & marketing manager, and Shivani as our Social Media manager.

Our No-nonsense Strategy and Traction

Joining competitions help us refine our business plan, expand our network, and raise no-equity funding. With that, here are some achievements we are proud to FoPo won in the last 1.5 years:

fopo milestones

Thought for Food 2015, Ben & Jerry’s Crowdfunding competition, and Smart Tech Trophy 2016 titleholder. We successfully launched our Kickstarter campaign (122% overfunded), and presented the company during the World Expo Milan 2015.

We are currently being supported by SWB, and we are based in Germany.

FoPo: Pow(d)ering the Future of Food

The team has created a partnership to develop product extensions such as energy bar with AgroParisTech (France) and application to 3D Food Printing in Lund University (Sweden).  The opportunities are endless!

FoPo Product extensions

If you are interested to know more about us, kindly contact for more details.